Karate Jutsu Black Belt Training – Session 4

Ever wanted to pursue rank with the Dragon Society International (DSI) but felt overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? No idea what is required? Wished you had someone to walk you through it?

I get it! We hear these questions a lot and now you can get all your questions answered. Not only that, but you will get it straight from the source – Professor Rick Moneymaker, co-founder of Karate Jutsu.

We know not everyone is looking for rank advancement. And trust us; not everyone is ready for that to be honest. Whether you intend to ever achieve your Black Belt in Karate Jutsu or you just want to attain the knowledge to make you a better Martial Artist, this series is for you and is open to all ranks and styles. We will cover the required curriculum for a Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Karate Jutsu.

The training will be customized for the participants so you learn at your own pace regardless of your level of experience. We will have multiple Certified Instructors to guide you, all led by Professor Moneymaker himself. You will learn the techniques, variations, and sciences required if you decide to pursue testing for rank with DSI. For those wishing to test, we will offer optional rank testing at the conclusion of the series.

Let’s be clear. Just attending the seminar series alone isn’t enough. You will have to put the work in yourself and practice diligently between sessions. All we can do is guide you; passing the test is up to you! We will work with you all along the process every step of the way. All will be done to help you achieve your goals.

Maybe you are a lower rank and not ready to test.  No problem!  This preparation course will make you a better Martial Artist and you can always pursue testing later – if that is what you want.  Or, you can simply become a better Martial Artist as you learn to do Karate Jutsu the right way!

This is our second seminar in the series and will be held September 16, 2023, in Burlington, North Carolina at Isaac’s Martial Arts.  Cost will be only $50 for a four hour seminar. Registration is available at events.dragonsociety.com.

Presently, we are estimating at least five seminars in the series but this is subject to change.

Didn’t make the first session?  No problem!  Join us and we can help you catch up!

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